Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Gifts!

Look at that little jewel! It's an orange-clove scented candle made by "Meyer's Clean Day." Oh how I love it... the scent is sooooo divine. So divine, in fact, that I am lamenting the absence of "smell-o-vision" on the WWW....
This candle is the first item in a little feature I am doing throughout this season.
I am going to feature some of my favorite, inexpensive, gift ideas for Christmas!
Kind of like Oprah's "Favorite Things" episodes but without me actually giving away anything... and without the loud cheers and fainting... but you know what I'm sayin'. (Although feel free to cheer loudly at every new item that is revealed, but please don't faint. My conscience... why can't I ever spell that word?!... can't take it!)
So this is today's gift idea #1
Meyer's Clean Day candle in Orange-Clove scent.
$6.99 at Target
It is a seasonal scent so act accordingly... I'm going to get 6 more tomorrow! :)

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