Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another GREAT gluten free experience.

Many of you know that we eat gluten free around here. My son was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of 2. That was 10 years ago and my how things have improved for him! I too eat gluten free because I have had digestive issues for years. My doctors have always said IBS, but I always wondered... it is genetic, it probably came from my Mammaw (who past away before people even knew what Celiac is,) and IBS treatments didn't work for me. So, a year ago I went gluten free too and have felt awesome since. It would have been quite a leap had we not already been doing "mostly" gluten free for all of us already, (of course my son has been 100 percent since diagnosis... he must.) So we are so thrilled when we find restaurants and stores that are willing to cater to those on a gluten free diet. Having said that, we have some kudos, for a really positive experience, to pass along.

Oh my! A little too close-up there honey.

On a recent trip to Washington D.C. we visited a downtown pizzeria,

"Pet's NewHaven Style APizza"

It was right off a Metro stop, very easy to find, and oh my the food was good. They offer almost all the topping options on a gluten free crust. They also have pasta dishes that can be made with gluten free pasta and I even had some gluten free pumpkin cheesecake... so good! The manager came out to talk with us, and make sure that we were enjoying our meal. We, of course, told him how thrilled we were to have such YUMMY gluten free options. He told us what he had heard from other customers, "there is a growing demand for quality gluten free food and people are coming... often... to request it." If you get a chance... and your cruising D.C. you should visit Pete's.

and tell the kindly folk that the Dutchess says, "howdy and a hearty thanks again."


  1. Great oldest will be in Washington this summer!

  2. That looks delicious!!

  3. Hello~ I popped over from Regan Family Farm. I'm a semi-eater of gluten free. Digestive problems :-9 yuck~

    Anywhoo~ I have enjoyed poking around your blog :-)

    Btw, have you visited the Gluten Free Gathering? She has some good reicpes. Her link is on my blog sidebar if you think you want to check her out.



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