Sunday, December 27, 2009

During WWII, some G.I.'s managed to bring home some pretty precious little critters. The miniature Sicilian donkey was a work-horse in the Mediterranean and North Africa for soldiers and civilians alike. Donkeys have "that" reputation for being tough and rugged... and for good reason... they ARE tough and rugged. But the miniature has that adorable sweetness of appearance that is SO endearing! Here's what we have that pays homage to my love of the miniature donkey...

"Frankie" The Pony Mule

Maybe someday he will have a Sicilian brother as his companion. (And maybe they will gang up on Rosie the horse, and defeat her, as top equine, once and for all?)


  1. great photos! what a cutie in that last one!

  2. Frankie is precious! Also, where in the world did you find that top photo? How cute. Thanks for the visit and so glad to find your blog. Ok, I see gluten-free items here as well as adorable critters. I'm IN :) Can't wait to read more! -Tammy


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