Monday, November 30, 2009

A Christmas Gift

Did anyone else watch Sunday's Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, "A Dog Named Christmas?" Okay I didn't watch it until tonight (DVR) but I have to say it was really great. I loved it... of course. What I didn't realize is that it was based on a book by the same name, written by author Greg Kincaid, (apparently it was on the NYT Bestseller list for a while... who knew?) Anyway, the author is an advocate of pet adoption and wrote the story as an avenue to promote that end. But the story, feel good as it is, is also rich with plot and has what I would call, "layers." For example, the story involves a side story about the father's time during the Vietnam War and how he served alongside a found dog, who acted as company mascot. (Let's see... military story + dogs = good, in my book.)

So after a bit of poking around the www, I have discovered that you can pick up the book "A Dog Named Christmas," at most booksellers and the movie is also available for purchase on DVD at your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores. Either would make an excellent gift for the dog lover on your list. But, even better still is a program that Hallmark and are promoting this holiday season. The program works with animal shelters across the country to give dogs across the country a warm and happy home for Christmas. By logging onto www.hallmark .com you can find out how to participate in the program to foster a shelter dog during this holiday season. What better way to share the spirit than with a needy dog? And after seeing the movie, I am convinced that a warm home for Christmas is possible for shelter dogs across America. This program is also a gift to those shelter workers and foster parents as it will give them a break from the care they give everyday... a great way to thank them for all they do, no? Christmas is upon us once again and I hope to share the message of love that it brings, with all of you and our beloved pets too.


  1. Mom kept leaking during it!

    We've mentioned it on my Tuesday post!

    It was a furry special movie fur many reasons!


  2. Yes, My Mom watched it, too! She has known several people who have fought against getting another dog when they've been terribly hurt by the loss of one... One of her sons is like that and his daughter would really love to have one. She, like Khyra's Mom, leaked a lot too... for the hurt of that man (and her son), for the sweet innocence of the special boy (she worked for 18 years with special ed children) and for the pets that are hurting too. Her sister & a friend have a dog rescue and we have fostered dogs several times until they could find a home or a no-kill shelter to go to.

    It truly was a wonderful story and a wonderful idea, too! OC and the Country Corgis

  3. We watched it too and our Mom leaked a bit while it was playing. We know that there are a lot of special people out there who foster dogs and help them get to their furrever homes and we commend them.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java


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