Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Groundfloors.... No Plastics.

You know this guy don't you? He's the one in High School that got great grades, captained the football team and won every award. And what about her? She's the cheerleader, pageant queen who had ponies and cars and everything that you thought you wanted. Do you think Mary's having a moment of fur envy here? Well we just can't say for sure about Mary. After all, director Frank Capra liked his female leads to be strong, hearty and enduring.... and Mary Hatch-Bailey was no exception. Mary is about to tell George Bailey that he has "lassoed the stork." They've got a cash-flow problem and are about to bring babies into the world. Mary is getting everything she wants, but does she feel a measure of guilt that George's life is unfulfilled? And is Mary truly happy or is she just the long-suffering housewife we all wish we could be... holding her tongue... making lemonade out of lemons? I imagine the pressure is building for them both. In this frame, the devil is speaking to the Baileys. He is planting seeds of discontent in both of them. But, at the same time the Lord is still there... blessing them... and caring for them. As we all know, Mary eventually calls on God. But she forgets that he is standing there... waiting on her... the whole time. She didn't have to suffer in silence, spinning her wheels... but the devil was trying to crowd her and make her busy. I, like Mary, often forget to call on God. I get so caught up in my flesh.... What about you? And what about those moments when you could feel his presence right next to you, holding your hand, stroking your forehead, saying "I'm here,"...? George and Mary are soon going to feel the Holy Spirit right next to them! And, oh, what a great moment that is.


  1. Mary looks like she could just slap that other girl. Poor kid. George is like "Gee Mary, why don't you wear hats like that?"
    Very good points about this scene though. God is always there no matter what. Even when we wish things could go OUR way and they aren't. God has such great plans for us.
    By the way, I am really enjoying this Pre-Thanksgiving Overview of It's A Wonderful Life. You're doing a good job drawing parallels here to our own lives. Thanks!

  2. This is a great frame to work can just see it in their eyes and the way they are standing. Funny how we always forget to call on Him!
    PS. The song playing for me is "Chattanooga ChooChoo"!!!

  3. I love these IAWL commentary posts! Keep up the good work! I think Mary is sweetly, smugly considering the baby she's carrying as the other woman strokes her fur, preparing to drive to Florida.


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