Thursday, September 3, 2009

"In the Womb-Dogs"

Recently, the National Geographic Channel ran the most amazing series! It's called "In the Womb," and it uses 4-D ultrasound technology to look at the gestation of various animal species in ways that we have never seen before, from inside the womb. This past Sunday they featured dogs in this series and I have to tell you it was amazing! I know that many of you are breeders of pups and have had some pretty personal experiences in whelping but this program offered a view from the inside of gestation... amazing. For example, did you know, that at 20-someodd days of gestation a fetal pup is already practicing running and panting behaviors? Fantastic! The program also gives a glimpse into the gestation of the wolf while showing at what point the domestic dogs veers away from his wild predecessor in the gestational process. Awesome. They even have film of a whelping wolf in her den. Cool. I don't know if my international readers will be able to view this program, but I do hope so. And for all of you locals out there... this episode will be airing again on the National Geographic Channel... Sunday, September 6th @ 12:00 P.M. eastern (set your DVR if you're at work then.) I know all dog lovers will enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Ooooo, our momma thanks you furry mucho! We is gonna watch. We are also sure that our momma will bawl like a baby and hug us like the dickens, too☺

  2. Hey there,
    Thanks for that. We have seen that series with 'humans', but not the dog edition. We can't wait to see it here. Sounds quite amazing!
    Lots of licks

    Thanks for sharing with us dear Rachel!!!
    We don't know anything about the dog edition!!!!
    We can't wait to see it here!!!
    Sounds wonderful!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  4. It was khwite the inkhredible show!

    We'll probably try and khatch it again!


  5. I don't get the National Geo channel, so just added it to my Netflix queue. Sounds interesting.


  6. Veo que le gustan mucho los perros, en mi casa gustan mucho los gatos a los niños y mi mujer, a mi me gustan mas los perros. Loa gatos y yo no nos llevamos bien, somos de caracter muy distinto.
    Si que sabe muy bien español, donde o como aprendio??

    Su blog tambien es muy guapo y original, me encanta.
    Un Besazo de su amigo Vicente

  7. How exciting. I hope we get to view it on National Geographic Channel where we are (M'sia)

    Licks and wags

    The Dog Woods Pack


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