Sunday, April 26, 2009

Have You Seen THIS Stick?

Okay so... me and my doggie peeps were just chillin' last Thursday. We had busted open a few rawhide nummies and some Haagen- Daz. You know... typicalThursday routine stuff? Dinner, bath... Survivor. That's right, the pack loves some good old-school Reality TV! Anywoooof, so the show goes off without a hitch when all of a sudden... our "tribal council," shocker turns into disgust. You see, what happened next is... well... beyond words. I just have to show you... this is what we saw!.!.@

That's right America! America's most wanted... Notorious S-T-I-C-K!!! "OMG" says I! The pups trembled in fear. Ruby averted her eyes...

Bailey ran to the creek, to wash away the stench of this twigs odorous malfeasance..

and Oliver... wellllll...

he FAINTED from sheer terror!

So, for those of you who don't already know... the word on the "bark chain" is that this googly eyed cudgel stabbed some Lab, up in Vermont, costing the pup's owner some OUTRAGEOUS wad of cash! Further, said stick... went on to violate their pack, even more, by seducing the dude's wife into... how shall we say... bumpin' bark... if you know what I mean? So, consider this your personal PSA. This unctuous scion is run amok and he could be coming to your town soon. He has violated the sanctity of one man's pack... has been spotted with many a maniacal character... and now has infiltrated the most honored of American traditions... prime time TV! Has he no honor? Just look alive people... look alive!

P.S. I hear this dirtbag has his own site... the nerve. Check him out at (at least that way we can keep an eye on him... uhh... is anyone else thinking about that "Craigslist killer" right now?) Creepy stick!


  1. Good one, hope he stays away from TN!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella

  2. Love the Fainted with sheer terror part :)

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.. I can not wait to read all your post.. I hope you will come back and visit. Did you read the story about Lucky Bell..
    YOu have beautiful dogs.


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