Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today is the Day!

Today is the day that I make it known... I sleep with dogs! That's right, I sleep with dogs. Three of them to be exact. I am the proud owner of three lovely, pedigreed pooches. My Springer Spaniels, Oliver and Bailey, love to sleep... so sleeping with them is easy. Bailey is the oldest in the pack and because of his advanced age and arthritis, can no longer sleep in the people bed. He is quite content however to sleep the night (and most of the day) away in the dog bed right next to me. Oliver is our little guy... still just a pup... and he sleeps at the foot of the bed, (or so I tell the most judgemental people who see sleeping with dogs as something only the most "hickish"/"crazy" individuals would do.) Truthfully, if he can sneak up to the pillow he will fully share it with me and wrap his paws around my neck in a warm embrace. Then there's our other bed buddy, Ruby the Weimaraner. You may be asking yourself, "how...why?" Well, the answer is, "VERY CAREFULLY!" Ruby demands, in true Weimaraner fashion, to be under the covers and spooning. Oh, this is hard to admit but I do spoon with my dog!!! Your next question will naturally be... "what about your husband?" Well that's complicated. Although for obvious reasons we sometime require that the dogs sleep elsewhere, my husband is fully complicit in enabling this bedtime bedlam. Wayne tells everyone that he wants the dog out of the bed for good (for obvious reasons... again... don't judge,) but he makes the same plea every night... "who wants to go to bed with Daddy?!" Further, in the puppy stages he has always made the argument that puppies sleep in their pack... a tightly wound wad of fur and puppy breath... and that you simply can't let them be separated from the warmth and heartbeats of the group. Well true that, I say! So, generosity turns to habit. And now... our queen sized bed with memory foam mattress, looks more like a homemade raft full of canine refugees. Still, this is our life and it is always best to own what is yours. We sleep with dogs.

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